5 Rules For Authentic Videos

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Authentic videos sell products extremely well, and as video producers ourselves, authenticity is what we strive for above all else. Making ads that feel like they come from the heart is far from a science, but here are five tenants that we believe are vital in earning trust from your audience, and driving sales.

1. Find the Brand’s Voice and Stick To It

This may be tricky for brands that are starting up, but having a clear idea of how your brand is going to ‘act’ when it’s out in the world will help you greatly when it comes to producing videos that convert. People who identify with your voice will see themselves in your videos a lot more easily and can better be funnelled down into more content.

2. Be Consistent With Messaging and Tone

Trust is built from consistency, which is why deviating from your brand’s message too radically and too often, will lead to losses in engagement. However, we are not encouraging you to be lazy, quite the opposite. Making new and engaging videos while also maintaining your brand’s message is no easy feat, but quite necessary in building a loyal following.

3. Know the Customer Base

In order to know your brand’s voice, you must first know what your ICP is. Who would want your product? And what are these people like? Once you’ve done this homework, you should be able to craft your message to appeal to them. Even better, why not get somebody from your target audience to be in your video? UGC videos are extremely effective in this regard.

4. Utilize Real Perspectives

Speaking of UGC… Getting people who really want the product to feature in your videos, will give a perspective that resonates with the rest of your audience. People want to see themselves in your videos, and when they do, they are far more likely to engage.

5. Get to the Point

Last of all, you must learn to get to the point in your videos. The audience knows you’re selling them something, so cut the fat and show the product within the first seconds of the video. Your audience will respect you more if you’re both on the same page when it comes to the videos’ intentions.

Overall, trust in your audience is very important when building your brand online, where people are bombarded with ads constantly. It’s easy for people to be cynical, but when presented with a product video that ‘gets it’, it will lead to increased ROI.

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