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We tell stories.

Creative and stylish narratives for digital media. We make films. It's that simple. It's personal to you so it's personal to us!

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A little about us...

We’re an award-winning digital-first video production company based in the heart of Manchester. Our passionate team weave stylish visuals with touching narratives to create breathtaking films. We specialise in social media streams; and tailor our projects to capitalise on your chosen platforms. Your ideas are personal to you- so they’re personal to us.

We believe in our vision. Our eclectic mix of modern and traditional video skills makes us apt for any project you can possibly imagine. Our small team has over 15 years of professional media experience between them. We see our small size as an advantage- if you choose to work with us; you can guarantee your project will receive our undivided attention and love. We mean it when we say that our projects are personal.

So- here’s what you really want to know. The numbers. The cold, hard statistics. 10 million views, 1.5 Million Shares, and 5 Million interactions… just to name a few. We’ve won more than 10 awards from a plethora of companies- including Adobe themselves. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve been broadcast on international television, worldwide. We’re pretty good at what we do, if we do say so ourselves.

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What we do...

Photography is a vital part of any online or offline media so you should do it properly. From product photography to staff headshots, we have a skilled team of photographers ready to bring their unique style to your brand.

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Video is our thing. We love it. We offer a full video production service from script to screen. No matter the platform we’re ready to bring your idea to life with a personal touch you can’t get anywhere else.

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Video Production

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Audio is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to consume media and with the rise in branded original content, it's the perfect way to connect with your audience.

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Branded Podcasting

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Meet the team...

Fraser has been working in film and photography for over 10 years. His work has been published all over the world, offline and online. With his keen interest in Social Media, he is your go-to guy when you're looking for your next move on social.
Fraser Cottrell
You'll normally always find Nick behind the camera or standing at his desk editing. With a wealth of experience in post-production, there isn't a thing that will challenge him. You can find his work all over the internet and even some on the big screen!
Nick Beddows
Hannah has recently graduated with a Marketing degree, with a particular interest in the world of social media, content creation and branding. If you are wanting to tell your story to the world, she is the person for that.
Hannah Brown
Account Manager

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