Ads Are Getting Shorter, Here’s Why.

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Very few of us want to scroll through our feed and land on a thirty-second advert for a product that we are not interested in, and we do end up invested, few of us will stop and watch until the end. This is especially true for the mobile-focused landscape.

This is just one reason why ads have been getting shorter and shorter over time, and why content creators should be embracing this.

Ad Tolerance

Due to oversaturation, people’s tolerance is waning. Ads are ubiquitous, and most of the time, they are imposed upon us. Digestibility has become more important than ever; if brands are demanding time from viewers, they better have something of value to give – and not just whatever they are selling at the end. Shorter ads are showing massive increases in video completion rate, cutting through the fatigue by getting to the point. Creators have learned that they can increase the value of their brand by increasing the value of their audience through simply respecting a decreased attention span.


A shorter ad is cheaper to make and easier to insert into an Instagram reel, for example, and producers can workshop their messaging to be laser-focused on achieving the emotional response they are aiming for. Shorter lengths are becoming a must for an increasingly mobile-first landscape, as attention spans last for only as long as a thumb takes to scroll across a phone screen. Additionally, for customers who are already interested in, or have already engaged in the product, a shorter ad can do the job of reminding them that it exists without taking up too much of their time.

Longer Ads are Still Vital

The problem is not that longer ads can’t still be effective. 30-second long videos still lead impressions overall, when compared to other lengths. Longer ads shine by driving potential customers into stores, as their longer length has the advantage of fitting more substantial stories and payoffs that drive intrigue in the product, and funnel interest into brand-owned and curated sites, where more targeted ads can do their thing.

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