Facebook rebrands AGAIN!

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Facebook makes a change to their platform, Twitter could soon be a safer place for us all and Instagram finally introduces Story Likes!


According to Facebook, even after all these years, many are still confused with the platform! The giant announced this week that things are changing, as many people have suggested that features aren’t very clear. The ‘News Feed’ will now be renamed to ‘Feed’ to simplify branding, as the ‘news’ label supposedly implied that stories from the mainstream media were included, but instead friends posts also appeared. With over 2.9 billion users, it is understandable why Facebook has changed a feature that may have bugged a handful of people – was this something you struggled with?


Twitter is introducing more safety measures to the app, with the hopes for trolling to reduce. A feature called Safety Mode is heading to the social media platform, where users have access to a set of tools which should help with defending themselves against toxicity and abuse. Safety Mode has recently been tested with a handful of people, but now the feature has rolled out to everyone. This means that there are more precautions with harmful tweets and content, especially as many have criticised Twitter for allowing nasty comments to continue. Let’s hope for a 2022 full of peace and love.


Instagram has added a new feature which should help users engage with each other on Stories. The app has this week announced the introduction of Story likes, which means users can like any Story in their feed, letting the creator know they like their story and therefore starting up a conversation over direct messages. A new heart icon will now appear on Instagram Stories which when tapped will send the crater a like. And these likes aren’t public, so you can go ahead and interact with everyone!

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