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December 6, 2014


Rebekah Williamson is a self taught hyperrealistic portrait artist from Manchester, UK. After finding her way in the world a year ago, she’s found that her passion is now her job.

Shot on location around Manchester, this short portrait documentary explores passion. Doing what you love as a job is something we all want to do one day. Being only 20 Rebekah is living her dream. From busking in Manchester to drawing clients she draws for a living. You only live once so why not do it doing something you love.

Directed by Fraser Cottrell
Director of Photography: Fraser Cottrell, Rowan Thornhill
1st AC: Rowan Thornhill
Sound & Grip: Louis Mooney
Editing & Colour: Fraser Cottrell
Soundtrack by Tony Anderson // Dwell
Special Thanks: Rebekah Williamson (

With Thanks:
Manchester Central Library
The Night & Day Cafe
Manchester City Council
Manchester Art School
Manchester Arndale


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