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Marketer Reacts – the show where Fraser blind reacts adverts chosen by the team. On this week’s edition of Marketer Reacts, Fraser judges three social media adverts from House of Fraser, Hilton and JD x Kickers. Let’s see what he has to say…

House of Fraser

Fraser enjoys the transitions used by the brand, as he especially loves the use of hot-air balloons! It is pointed out that clouds seem very on-brand and trendy right now, which is very cool, but could this date the piece of content? House of Fraser show us a budget-friendly way of creating a social media ad that doesn’t take a huge team as the advert is entirely static. The marketer recommends starting with the brand name or the offer to capture consumer’s attention from the offset, but the company gets good marks because they are on-brand! 8/10!


This social media ad doesn’t have the best of starts, with confusion over what it is from the start! Fraser points out that there is a bit too much going on, making it hard for the view to know what the ad is even promoting. This will dissatisfy people and means they will turn off. It is recommended that the hotel chain focuses more on the key points rather than the aesthetics of the advert. Refining your ad is what is important, you don’t need to include everything because you only have a few seconds to work with. Testing different types of content will help out massively!

JD x Kickers

A story ad placement this time, it’s hard to tell who the advert is for until a few seconds in! While TikTok transitions are hugely popular on all social media platforms and can be quite successful, Fraser finds a slight problem with this one. Creating content in daylight can have a number of issues, with one being that the environment can change and not look as good as it could. When you can control the environment, this type of transition works wonderfully. 4/10!

Check out an episode of Marketer’s React here. And if you liked that, head over to our YouTube channel!

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