Is this the end for Facebook in Europe?

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Europeans may soon have to say goodbye to Facebook, TikTok updates its community guidelines and Reddit and Twitter may have to change the way it operates due to new UK laws.


TikTok has this week announced that they are explicitly banning certain types of anti-LGBTG content and speech on its platform. The social media app has updated its community guidelines, with examples such as misgendering or incorrect pronouns will be banned. TikTok is also prohibiting content that promotes conversion therapy which seeks to stop someone from being LGBTQ. These changes come after pressure from GLAAD, as it was recommended that there had to be new updates in order for the LGBTQ+ community to feel safe. 


A new law in the UK could mean things are changing on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. Pornography rules have changed, with restricted access on all social media platforms. And while platforms such as Instagram and Facebook already ban this type of content, Twitter and Reddit do not, which means a new age verification process may be put in place. To prove you are over 18, you now may have to input card details to prove your age and keep you safe from sexual content. Better to be safe than sorry. 


2022 seems to be the year that Facebook hits the headlines with a major story every week! This week it was announced that Meta could be under severe threat as Instagram and Facebook could be shut down in Europe. European laws protect users’ privacy, which means we could soon be prevented from using Facebook and Instagram as it would be ‘ingesting Europeans’ data on American servers’. If an agreement isn’t met, it could be taken away from millions of European users. We may as well get rid of our phones!

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