Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter?!

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Facebook could have to say goodbye to GIPHY. Jack Dorsey leaves Twitter and YouTube reveals the most popular videos and creators on the platform!

Big changes are happening at Twitter’s headquarters this week. News broke recently that CEO Jack Dorsey was leaving the company – effective immediately. The mogul suggested that it was his time to leave, but it has left many users speculating about his sudden departure. It has also been suggested that the app is set to look very different, with reports that reactions are heading to the platform. Similar to Facebook, you will be able to clap, heart or laugh at someone’s tweet. Did Dorsey suggest a middle finger reaction and that is why he has had to leave – who knows?!


YouTube has dropped a list of the most popular videos and creators of 2021! The social media platform has given us a glimpse into just what we have loved this year, with a number of trending videos and creators of the year. Probably not a surprise to many people that MrBeast topped the charts for both then! The creator, who recently dropped his very own version of Squid Game, has topped the list in both categories. His video ‘I spent 50 hours buried alive’ has hit over 147 million views since hitting the platform in March. And since his latest Squid Game video, his channel has grown by over 7 million subscribers. He truly is a beast!


It looks like Facebook might have to give up Giphy! News hit this week that The Competition and Markets Authority have announced that they think ‘Facebook’s merger with Giphy will harm competition between social media platforms and remove a potential challenger in the display advertising market’. This would be the first time that CMA has intervened with a tech giant like Facebook, as the acquisition is said to cause more harm than good. Basically, it could mean that GIF’s become limited to Facebook’s platforms. We only communicate through GIFs on everything!

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