Empathy: The Key to Making Winning Content

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Whether we like it or not, as ad creators, we cater to human psychology. In order to make content that really connects with people, we must first empathize with the people we are marketing to. Here are some ways in which empathetic marketing will make your content so much better.

See past the data when planning new creative

If you’ve been creating for long enough, you may end up suffering from your own success. If your content’s working, then you probably found that out using analytics and trends data. This data is absolutely vital in understanding what connects, but an unfortunate side effect of following the numbers for extended periods of time is that your wins can stagnate your creativity, dulling the ability to adapt quickly to real-world trends.

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Your target audience’s sensibilities can change faster than your data will show, so it’s very important to stay connected and conscious with the community. Changes in social media usage is also a big reason for stagnating creativity.

Does TikTok Have A Race Problem?

Take the rise of Tiktok among gen Z, many brands have neglected the platform due to lack of data and dismissed it, content with creating the same Facebook-focused media that they’ve always made while a huge potential market passes them by.

Exposure to new platforms is essential, even if they’re not as proven. Get in touch with influencers who are a part of your target audience, be receptive to their feedback and allow them to guide your content when involving them in your ads. UGC content is a great way both to market honestly with an ICP and as a chance to truly hear what they are saying, what they think, and what they want.

Become a Service to your Audience

With social, too often we believe that bombardment is the best way to get our message across. When in reality, we as marketers need to be targeting the people who need the product that we are selling. And simply throwing our ads at everyone at once just damages the brand in the long run.

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By seeing ourselves as advertising services rather than products, then we can effectively shift our mindset to that of a helper to consumers. Empathy is the only way to honestly achieve this, you gain an understanding of what your target demo wants and need. And if you find that the product you’re creating content to sell, is not solving a problem that your audience shares, then chances are you need to rethink who your ICP really is.

Make the Brand a Person

By giving your content and socials a human touch, customers will feel more of a kinship to the company producing it. People have a natural distrust towards brands that come across as corporate, so the challenge will be finding the right voice to bring your content to life.

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The right tone of voice, humility and the right amount of vulnerability will come across as honest to your customers, and honesty in your ads will lead to a more loyal audience.

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