Kylie Jenner Hits Major Milestone on Instagram!

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YouTube has been told they need to take serious action with misinformation on the platform. Kylie Jenner breaks a record on Instagram and the biggest earners from TikTok are announced!


There has been a call this week for YouTube to take fake news seriously, as more than 80 fact-checking organisations have come together to urge the social media platform to really crackdown on misinformation. The groups are aiming to combat false information from spreading, stating ‘we see that YouTube is one of the major conduits of online disinformation and misinformation worldwide’. For years, YouTube has attempted to deal with this issue, with pandemic in particular highlighting how easy it was for false news to spread so easily. Will YouTube take serious action though?


And Kylie Jenner has become the first woman in the world to hit 300 million Instagram followers! The 24 year old reality star has beaten the likes of Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande as the first lady to hit the substantial number on the social media platform. She is only the second person to ever reach the milestone, with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo currently holding 388 million followers. Instagram official account is still the most-followed account with 460 million – can you imagine if a celeb overtook the company?!


It’s very clear that social media platforms like TikTok can help creators earn a lot of money. But Forbes has revealed just how much the top dogs of the app are making! The top seven creators on the app, with all of them under the age of 25, collectively earned $55.5 million! Amazon and Prada are just a few of the brands that will pay up to $500,000 for sponsored content, a crazy number for such little work. According to Forbes, it was of course Charli D’Amelio who took the most home, earning nearly $18 million. Someone do a TikTok with me now!

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