What did we do?

We worked with Laziskin to create a set of lifestyle and UGC ads for Snapchat. Helping to drive new customers and increase sales of their headline product.

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Laziskin’s at-home IPL hair removal device conveniently halts hair growth and prevents hair regrowth at its source. Use it forever, never buy a refill.

It’s cheaper than heading to the salon. More convenient than shaving. And painless compared to waxing.

what we did

When Laziskin came to us they were running video ads that they had made themselves, using micro-influencers found on Instagram and it just wasn’t working. The adverts were stale and underperforming at a ROAS of around 1.3.

A week after we delivered the adverts the team was seeing a massive increase in conversions and a ROAS of 3.5. After a month of use, the adverts were performing at a 6.9 ROAS. It changed the way they market.

the creative

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