Minecraft Hits a Trillion Views!

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Snapchat has been offering crazy amounts of money to users! Minecraft hits over a trillion video views and Instagram reveals their most liked posts…


Snapchat has revealed that they have been paying out the big bucks when it comes to Spotlight! A feature similar to TikTok, the app announced that it would pay people up to $1 million dollars for viral content. And for many users, this has definitely paid off! The platform has paid out more than $250 million in payments for the short-form content that people have created in less than a year! While Snapchat has revoked its offer of a million dollars a day in prizes, it has still been offering huge cash amounts for the clips. Think it’s time we try and create some content… 


YouTube views can sometimes be unbelievable – and this is one of them times! This week it was announced that the popular game Minecraft  has hit a major milestone on the platform, with over 1 trillion views across all of YouTube! More than 35,000 creator channels make videos about the world-building game, and there are 140 million people who play Minecraft across numerous platforms, so it makes sense for there to be so many views. But a trillion! We can’t even comprehend!


It’s that time of year again where we find out what the most liked content has been for this year. Instagram has revealed the posts that have racked up the most engagement. And while the social media app is deemed by many as a toxic environment, it seems that users have been loving positive posts. Pregnancy and wedding announcements made the top list, with Cristiano Ronaldo receiving over 32 millions likes announcing that he has twins on the way! Ronaldo, Messi and Billie Eilish make up the majority of the top 10 list. Can you imagine their notifications?!

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