3 Rules for Personal Branding as a Marketer

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As marketers we are constantly marketing ourselves, making our personal branding absolutely vital to our growth and company health. It can be a daunting and sometimes uncomfortable task putting your services out there, but so long as you remain true to the mission of your brand and follow these 3 rules, you’ll be more than likely to see some positive payoff.

1. Be Pro-Active in showing off your skills and experience

Using your socials to clearly demonstrate you and/or your company’s main skills is essential to finding clients who will trust you. Everything from your personal website, your LinkedIn and your organic content should reflect what experiences you’ve had in your field and tell the story of how you got to where you are now.

Posting personal stories relating to your work is a great way to drive engagement, as well as show that you actually know what you’re talking about.

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The next thing to keep in mind is to remain active within the communities you want to market your brands’ skills. Become a familiar and trusted face to a group of people and this will do wonders for your leads.

2. Showcase your values and ideals

It’s tempting maybe to try and project to the world that your brand is ‘for everyone,’ and will be a great fit for anyone who hires you. But the fact is, you are mainly going to find success with clients that are able to respect and collaborate with your work ethic and sensibilities.

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In order to attract clients that are compatible for long-term success, you shouldn’t shy away from using your own tone of voice when marketing yourself on social. Your ideals have brought you this far, so you shouldn’t feel the need to change your brand’s mission to something more generic and sterile.

Provide a specific service that only you can provide. Your personal touch in your brand is the only thing keeping you original.

3. Maintain critical standards in your presentation

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Having high standards begins with having high consistency in your work and in your brand’s social presence. Make sure that you are posting content as a routine, so that people come to familiar with your personal brand. It doesn’t have to necessarily be super frequent, maybe just once a week, but so long as you are giving some sort of value away with your posts and doing so like clockwork, you will see interest in your brand increasing, so long as you are preaching to the right crowd.

Make sure that your content is something that you can easily create without it being too draining on yourself and your time. LinkedIn polls, behind the curtain videos on shorts and simple opinion questions to peers, are all nice and easy ways of keeping your personal brand active and showcasing your services and tone of voice.

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