What did we do?

Since the brand launched we’ve been working with Pink Cloud Beauty Co. to create and run paid media resulting in massive brand growth. 

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Pink Cloud Beauty Co.

Pink Cloud is one of the UK’s fastest-growing drinkable Vitamins brands. Creating a sachet to suit every need; Beauty, Focus, Relax, Hair & Immunity.

Gone are the days of awkward pills, capsules, and tablets.  No more scouring the aisles in pharmacies trying to choose the right vitamin for you.  

what we did

Our main goal was to help the brand stand out from the others on the market. The main way we did this was by creating videos that stopped people on the feed. Our best performing videos were Cinemagraphs. Short-looping videos that sat perfectly on a social media feed.  These videos have generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue for the brand and are still live to this day. 

Our static photography was also key to the brand’s growth. Being shown in multiple media outlets and on store shelves in places like Boots and Holland and Barrett.

the creative

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