Protein World shows us how it’s done!

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Marketer Reacts – The show where Fraser blind reacts adverts chosen by the team. On this week’s edition of Marketer Reacts, Fraser judges three social media adverts from Protein World, John Lewis and Balenciaga. Let’s see what he has to say…

Protein World

A solid advert according to Fraser. The advert highlights key points about their product while also showing a demonstration. It basically ticks every box – what is included, how it is made, and an influencer enjoying the final product. And the Protein World ad wouldn’t have been that difficult to make. With the first half made up of a product cut out image, and the second half made up of simple shots creating the drink, Protein World shows us all how it’s done without over complicating a thing. 9/10!

John Lewis

And just as it was going good, John Lewis highlights what not to do. One of the biggest companies in the UK (specifically known for their epic Christmas TV adverts), you would think they would be able to crack the code when it comes to social media adverts. First of all, the advert doesn’t even indicate it’s from John Lewis – you would think it was an advert for Apple! Repeatedly opening and closing a laptop doesn’t work. And while we understand it is meant to be a customer review, they seemed to have missed the mark a little. When the creative is taken away from the brand page, it still needs to make sense/ the consumer knows that it comes from this company. 1/10!


A static advert this time, and Fraser was not impressed! Similar to John Lewis, if you aren’t familiar with the brand and seen this image, you would not know what brand it came from. Having absolutely no context will provide issues for both the consumer and the brand. What would happen if a potential customer liked the handbag, wanting to purchase it for themselves, but couldn’t identify where it came from? While some luxury brands might not believe they need to do this, it is important for future consumers to know where they can make this sort of purchase. 2/10!

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