Snapchat Introduces Live Location!

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The rebranding of Facebook has cost more than they could have imagined! Snapchat brings us Live Location and Instagram introduces a new limit to the app!


As many of you may agree, none of us have really adapted to the changes that Facebook has made, especially the complete rebranding made last year, with the company now named Meta. And to make matters worse, it has come at a huge cost!

It has this week been revealed that the company stock market share value has dropped by 30%, with Meta losing $500 BILLION since its name change. The new change is yet to have a positive impact it seems – does Mark Zuckerberg know something we don’t?


You know when it was recommended that we should reduce the time we spend on our phones? Well it seems that Instagram wants to take it back! The social media company has introduced an option in the app which lets you limit your daily time limit – yeah, we don’t think it makes sense either.

The feature was introduced in 2018 as a way for users to be cautious of how much time they are spending on the platform, but now a new prompt means users can choose from a new set of limits. This quiet introduction has caused a bit of a stir, with one option limiting people to three hours per day – that seems a bit much, that’s not even a limit!


Snapchat is launching a new feature which will enable users to share their location in real time on Snap Maps! Currently, the tool works by updating the map when the user opens the app, meaning friends can see where they are if they consistently use Snapchat.

But the new Live Location option enables users to share their location with multiple people for 15 minutes, an hour or 8 hours at a time. This new option is a much more specific way to track your friends, similar to Find My Friends on Apple devices. But many feel like the real-time movement is a little creepy – what do you think?

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