TikTok Introduces 10 Minute Videos!

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Instagram introduces automated captions to the feed, TikTok brings us 10 minute videos and Meta has been busy deleting a ton of harmful content from the platform.


It seems launching automated captions has been a huge success for Instagram, as they are now introducing the feature to feed videos! Back in 2020, the company brought us automated captions on IGTV uploads. This tool has been long requested by the Instagram community, which meant it made sense for the giant to bring it straight to the feed. In an announced, IG said: ‘Adding captions makes Instagram more accessible to those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Captions are default ON for creators’. Good work. 


TikTok made an announcement this week which has caused a bit of confusion! What was once advertised as a short-form video platform has now changed, as the company announced that users can now upload videos up to the maximum length of 10 minutes! The platform has been testing longer videos on the platform for quite some time, with the app introducing 3 minute videos in July 2021. But now it seems that TikTok wants to offer more ‘creative possibilities’ by offering the ability to post even longer videos. Could YouTube be out of a job soon?!


Meta has been working hard, as it has been announced that the company has taken down over 11 million pieces of content in January alone! With a recent crackdown on the type of content that makes it on the feed, it seems the social media platform are taking it very seriously. 1.4 million pieces of content removed included adult nudity, with 1.8 million pieces of violent and graphic content also taken down. Could this mean Meta’s platforms may finally be a safe environment for everyone?!

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