TikTok Introduces Retweet Button?!

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TikTok are set to introduce their own version of the retweet button! Logan Paul and KSI shock the world with their latest announcement… And our social media shopping is set to get out of control!


While TikTok is usually the main trendsetter in the social media world, it seems that they have now taken inspiration from Twitter! The social media app is testing its own version of the retweet button, as they are soon introducing a ‘Repost’ button. This means that users can share videos they like to their own followers, essentially ‘amplifying’ popular content onto your friends’ feeds. Vine also offered a similar tool, where users could ‘revine’ other videos. But this came under scrutiny after creators abused the features, offering ‘revine 4 revine’. Could TikTok end up doing the same?


Fans were excited this week as it appeared that Logan Paul and KSI had another boxing match in the pipeline. The YouTube creators previously went head to head, with the sporting event gaining huge audience numbers. But for many, the actual announcement came as a shock, as the long-time rivals actually announced that they are joining forces, becoming business partners to launch their very own sports drink. Half a million users joined their Instagram Live, where the pair announced that they have created a drinks company, while also showcasing the new product. Wow, 2022 has kicked off bizarrely.

Check out their announcement here

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Even with working in this industry, this figure comes as a shocker! We all love to shop via our social media platforms, but that is about to be amped up even further! A new report has suggested that e-commerce will grow 3 times as fast, hitting 1.2 trillion dollars by 2025! 64 percent of the people surveyed said that they had made a social commerce purchase in the last year, meaning the whole checkout process took place on a social media platform! So while we think it’s harmless scrolling through TikTok or checking Instagram, we are actually boosting the e-commerce market!

Have a look at an episode of Marketer’s React here!

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