TikTok reveals the best videos of 2021!

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WhatsApp finally launches a long awaited feature. YouTube have been wrongly accusing users of copyright claims and TikTok reveals the best videos of this year!


TikTok has shared with us what has been ‘popping off’ this year, with the most popular trends revealed. TikTok is responsible for the majority of trends, whether that be music or challenges. And now the platform has told us just what we loved in 2021. Drone Dancing was the top video of the year, with Justin Bieber providing the soundtrack for the trend. Other things users have loved to see are animals, as a chipmunk and a dog made the top 10 list of the year. And because of TikTok, our bank accounts have taken a hit. From projector’s to KFC chicken, the app has caused huge amounts of hype around certain products that we have just had to try. TikTok is just too powerful!


WhatsApp has added a new privacy feature which means users can now auto-delete messages. Users of the messaging service can now choose whether they want their chat to disappear. Enabling this tool gives users the choice to have their message auto-delete after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. Similar to how Snapchat operates, this means that conversations between friends on the app can be temporary if a person decides for their messages to be deleted after a certain time-period. What do you think, is this a good idea or could this cause problems if you are being a sneaky devil?


A new report has suggested that YouTube’s rules are implemented before they are even broken! It has been found that over 2.2 million copyright claims hit videos on the platform, only for them to be overturned between January and June of this year. While this is only 1% of the copyright claims on the platform, this still meant that over 2 million videos were wrongly accused. Not forgetting that YouTube demonetise your video if it includes copyrighted material, this meant that many creators lost out. This has led to many criticising YouTube’s flawed system, calling for a better way to enforce their rules. Looks like their algorithm needs tweaking slightly… 

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