TikTok Stories are here!

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Twitter changes their mind on a recent feature (and thank god they have!). Instagram NFT’s are heading to the platform and TikTok stories finally hit the app!


Twitter has decided to change its mind on a major feature this week, as many decided that this was their ‘worst product decision ever!’. The social media platform was looking into changing the Home feed, with the timeline showing in reverse-chronological order. And this upset a lot of people who love the app. Twitter announced: ‘We heard you – some of you always want to see latest Tweets first’. But what do you think, could this have made it easier to see tweets you may have actually missed?


You may have seen NFT’s take over the world at the minute, with many people creating their own. Well Mark Zuckerberg has announced that NFT’s are coming to Instagram in the next few months! Announced at SXSW, the CEO suggested that you will soon have the ability to bring NFT’s to the social media platform. And back in December, it was hinted that NFTs would be heading to the app to help creators make more money. How do you feel about NFT’s heading to IG?


In a move many of us are unsure about, it has this week been announced that popular tool Stories is heading to TikTok! While platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have seen success with Stories, it isn’t a feature which many thought would head to the video looping app. But now, the short clips which will only be visible for 24 hours can be used on TikTok. With the huge success of TikTok, fans of the app have joked that it’s ‘over for Instagram’. But do we all love TikTok so much because it isn’t filled with tons of features?

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