You could do better Thomas Cook!

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Marketer Reacts – the show where Fraser blind reacts adverts chosen by the team. On this week’s edition of Marketer Reacts, Fraser judges three social media adverts from Thomas Cook, Volvic and Morphe. Let’s see what he has to say…

Thomas Cook

A story advert from the holiday company, and it’s safe to say that Fraser was not impressed! Overusing stock footage is a big problem for the marketer, something Thomas Cook are guilty of doing. The ad is a little on the boring side, even though they are showcasing a service that everyone needs – and also something everyone loves aka a much needed holiday. Like Fraser always says, the first few seconds of your advert should capture your attention. And if you haven’t managed that, then you have failed. 5/10!


This advert includes a collaboration with Coca-Cola, one of the biggest companies in the world. The ad seems to show behind the scenes of a campaign they have shot, reusing footage of the model’s makeup being done. While this is budget friendly, this may not interest users to watch, especially as a story advert. Organic content would have worked better, especially with the campaign being so big as it included another huge company in the mix. Performing to the camera is much more exciting to watch, alongside the TikTok transition. Splitting the advert would have worked much more better and meant that Morphe would have had more adverts to test. 4/10!


Probably not the easiest product to advertise, but Volvic definitely tried their best! According to Fraser, the brand have done a really cool job, using 3D imagery to create a stellar ad. As water is hard to capture in a fascinating way, 3D animation is one of the only ways this can be done – and Volvic truly impresses us. Having a big budget seems to have helped things massively, but that doesn’t mean brands should shy away with playing with this sort of thing. While it is eye-catching, cool effects like this should happen sooner rather than later. 7/10!

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